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  • Dimensione: Grande impresa (250+)
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  • Ambito di attività: Altro
  • Regione: Emilia Romagna


Tetra Pak is one of the world’s leading suppliers of food processing and packaging systems. Operating in more than 175 markets with over 24,100 employees, we work in strategic partnership with suppliers and customers to provide efficient, innovative solutions and high quality environmentally sound products to millions of people. Innovation is in our DNA and it’s not limited to smart packaging design and engineering: it’s in everything we do. Our brand promise, PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD, requires new thinking from everyone and in every aspect of our operations. Protecting food, people and futures. In 2014 and 2015 Tetra Pak Italia won the AwaRdS for “Miglior rimborso spese” (best grant for interns).

Trattamento degli stagisti

Rimborso spese mensile: 800 euro per tutti, 1.100 se fuori sede + mensa (+ notebook aziendale nel caso della ragione sociale Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions spa; le altre ragioni sociali che compongono il gruppo in Italia sono Tetra Pak Italiana spa, Tetra Pak Carta spa, Tetra Pak Closures Italy srl e Tetra Pak Food Engineering spa). 37 stage attivati nel 2017, di cui 10 curriculari, su 1470 dipendenti, di cui 1325 a tempo indeterminato. Oltre 90% assunti al termine dello stage. Inoltre, nel 2017 l’azienda ha anche inserito due giovani senza passare attraverso lo stage. I profili junior vengono inseriti attraverso un graduate programme chiamato Future Talent Programme. I giovani accolti in azienda sono al 49% donne e al 51% uomini, mentre l’organico complessivo è composto al 66% da uomini e al 34% da donne. L’azienda ha anche offerto percorsi di alternanza scuola-lavoro a una ventina di studenti provenienti da licei, istituti tecnici e scuole professionali.

Opzioni di entrata junior level

Tetra Pak invests in a focused way on talented people, motivated, enthusiastic and willing to learn. If you are newly graduated, with an excellent academic background and eager to take challenges, you can apply for our Young Talent Program, a two year training and job rotation international program designed to enhance Tetra Pak critical competencies. Besides, if you are a students, willing to develop your thesis project, or a graduated you have the opportunity to join us for a Internship Project, a unique experience of learning on the job where a tutor will support you in developing your knowledge and abilities and in growing personally and professionally within our core functions such as R&D, Supply Chain, Production, Intelligence Sales and Marketing units.

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